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Territories of Urbanism: Urban Design at 50

If anyone is interested in Urban Design, the 50th Anniversary of Harvard’s Urban Design program?(the first UD program in the world) ?is being held this weekend in the form of a huge conference. The link below lists the schedule, which starts tomorrow, 11/12, and runs through Saturday evening. Should be interesting, and if anything, it’ll be fun to watch a good fight over this and this.

Territories of Urbanism: Urban Design at 50

“Newsstand” – pinkcomma gallery

Next weekend I’ll be attending pinkcomma’s exhibit, “Newsstand,” ?in their new space. Keith works at over, under, the gallery owners’ architecture firm, which shares the space with the gallery. So I’ve seen the space and it’s definitely an upgrade! Check out the exhibit info at The party/exhibit runs from6:30-9:30 on 11/19.

Bjarke Ingels vs Preston Scott Cohen

After Ingels came to our Proseminar in Urban Design class a few weeks ago, it was interesting to see Scott Cohen challenge his architectural theories in the discussion last night. It seems like Ingels typically presents the same lecture at all events ( Proseminar included) which is basically a verbal presentation of his book, Yes is More. I have to say, I know this is typical for architects whom lecture often. The difference, however, is that Ingels is very self promotional, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but his argument always seems a little artificial in relation to his work and more like a marketing campaign. ?So it was great to see Scott Cohen ask him some very challenging question relating to iconograpy in his work and ?how he relates the creative process/architecture to midwifery & evolutionism. It was also interesting to see beyond the large formal gestures that Ingels typically presents. I think there’s a really interesting layering of spaces and texturing at the smaller scale that happens only in the built projects. Although, as my studio critic puts it, “BIG is just OMA on steroids.”

The lectures should be uploaded soon at the link below. Check out the last video Ingels presents- I still have “Empire State of Mind”-Jay Z stuck in my head!

The lecture presented at our Proseminar class

People’s Building

(Image from Inhabitat Blog)

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